Slimmers celebrate 50 years of success

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Members of South Leeds Slimming World groups have been painting the town gold as they celebrate Slimming World’s 50th birthday this month.

Members were proud to celebrate their amazing weight loss achievements and also created a delicious feast for “golden 60s themed party. Slimmers each brought along a Slimming World-friendly dish packed with ‘Free Food’, which members can enjoy freely on the healthy eating plan to satisfy their appetite. Free Foods include pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat, fruit and veg, fish, eggs and more – so members can enjoy dishes like curries, meatballs, kebabs, scotch eggs, frittata and more.
The parties aim to celebrate Slimming World’s 50 years of success in helping people to achieve their dream weight. They’ve been held in all 19,000 Slimming World groups up and down the UK and Ireland throughout September.

“Slimming World has completely changed my life and celebrating with my fellow members at our golden party felt like the cherry on top of my journey. Says one member having lost 6 and a half stone.

“When I joined, I couldn’t believe how much food I could eat and still lose weight. It was so different from what I’d expected because I always thought losing weight meant not eating very much or cutting out all your favourite meals. I was so wrong! Thanks to the plan and picking up ideas shared by other members in group, I’ve learned loads about food and cooking, and I can still enjoy burgers and chips, roast dinners and curries. I’ve honestly never once felt hungry since joining Slimming World.”

She says getting encouragement to become more active – including taking up Pilates – and receiving support from the group.
This proud member says:

“I don’t think I could have achieved everything I have without the group. Life’s completely different for me now and I’m so grateful to Slimming World for that – and proud of myself too. I used to shy away from the limelight and now I feel like partying all the time.”

All south Leeds Slimming World Consultants have lost weight as members and have loved throwing our golden parties in Hunslet, Beeston, Middleton and Beeston Hill – celebrating success together, motivating each other, giving support and sharing inspiration is what Slimming World is all about. It was so good to see members enjoying the event with a new sense of confidence in themselves – and feel the amazing sense of camaraderie between them as real life-long friends – it’s so rewarding to see my members all so happy and having such a good time!

“When our members lose weight – We see more than just a physical transformation. Above all, We see their confidence bloom. Many go from being nervous and shy new members who are very uncomfortable with the way they look, to confident, healthy and happy individuals with a new lease of life and a twinkle in their eye. They learn to stop feeling guilty around food, and instead feel empowered by all the Free Food they can enjoy on Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, Food Optimising. Through Food Optimising, they change the way they think about food by making small changes to the way they shop, cook and eat, and the weight soon falls off without them ever feeling like they are on a ‘diet’.

“Many of them have so much energy thanks to losing weight, they get more active too – walking, swimming, dancing… it shows how much they’re loving life!”

In 2019 Slimming World is hosting a summer full of golden festivities to celebrate 50 years of helping members achieve their dream weight. To find out more about the Golden Summer of Celebration visit: