Skye’s Fund Raiser At The Hawks


10924187_713468148769685_4126004975780760_oI made my way to South Leeds Stadium Saturday 27 June (not John Charles Stadium I’m still against change of name), to the Phoenix Bar to report on Skye’s fund raiser.

Although a bit tired after Parkrun and Holbeck Club fund raiser for the Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust. Decided to walk and not go in car, in case any real ale, beer clip was turned round, amazes me that once barrel is empty, they don’t put another on. So back on Diet Coke.

Anyway back to the matter in hand. Already bar was filling up to around 50 people, later maybe 70. Many of the stalls raising money for The Delete Blood Cancer and Candlelighters charities. I spotted a tombola stall, had a go on that and bought some raffle tickets, no winning for me today maybe next time. Face painting as ever very popular.

I gave Skye a Baby Meercat, Oleg’s brother. You can see baby Meercat in photos. Been looking for a good home for this after getting it from go (12)

I spoke to Peter, co-ordinator of The Delete Blood Cancer Charity while I was waiting for a swab test.

He immediately told me that I was not eligible as you have to be between 17 and 55 years of age to take the swab.

It was nice though that all 5 desks where full with people constantly giving Swabs.

Peter told me that each swab taken costs  £40.00, the money raised today goes somewhat to pay for that. After the swab is taken, any matches across the country that person will be contacted and ask if they still want to donate.

If they are a match they will be asked to give a blood sample, and go through a thorough medical exam.

skys (8)Any questions go to Or telephone 020 3176 7620

Phil Hodgson, one of the event co-ordinators from the Hawks, asked Firemen after seeing them at Parkrun in the morning if they could call with the fire engine. They did just that, and the kiddies were delighted to get into the fire engine cab.

Just to finish, had something from buffet and can’t miss telling you that we had a disco.

Made off on my walk home and noticed all the walking for the day including Parkrun, my pedometer says 12km, about 8 miles. Wow, no wonder I’m tired!

You can continue to see Skye’s progress on her Facebook page. Please go to

All the material below (edited)  from Skye’s Facebook Page.

Skye’s Fight against Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

25 June

We all should be on the Bone Marrow Register PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the below Charity links to register and save a life.

Join the Registry

Donate your Umbilical Cord…/donate-your-umbilical-cord-bl…

If outside of the UK please ask your Local Hospital for the nearest place to register if you donate blood I believe you can offer to donate an additional sample of blood to be used to add you to the Bone Marrow Register.

21 June

So here we are just over a week on from the miraculous news which we are all still struggling to digest.

Skye continues to blossom day by day and is full of life (which is truly amazing) it is starting to be more realistic to believe that the road to recovery lies ahead.

We would like to say a big thank you to Local Rugby Club Hunslet Hawks for helping us promote our next Donor Recruitment Event. The Coach and Players came out in full force to join the Bone Marrow Register after hearing of Skye’s Story and becoming aware of the statistics; Made in Leeds came along to film them and did a superb piece of journalism which you can watch here Made in Leeds –

Skye’s Fight Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

11 June


2 weeks ago we was told Skye’s Consultants could not see any Leukaemia in Skye’s blood, this prompted a bone marrow aspirate test so we could determine if there is any Leukaemia cells left.

skys (19)Monday 9 June 2015 we received the results from the test confirming Skye is in REMISSION (No Leukaemia cells could be detected) a further test also confirmed that Skye is once again 100% Donor cells.

This was today described as a miracle by the consultant who has cared for Skye from day one.

This is a spontaneous remission and they are not sure how this has happened.

Skye was diagnosed back in January 2014 and this is the best news we have received to date.

We are reluctant to jump for joy as Skye has already relapsed once before but given Skye has had no curable treatment and has managed to achieve remission (which is remarkable) we are hopeful that this is the road to a journey of joy!

Skye will continue to receive low dose chemotherapy over the next 4 months; she will then be taken off Chemo for 2 months. After the 2 month period off chemo, another bone marrow aspirate will be done to determine whether or not to continue or to stop the chemotherapy.

Skye has fought every step of the way some days looked as though the end was near but she has come back and KICKED CANCERS B*TT.


We Are So Happy!!!! To be able to share this news with you all xxx.