Signs show that It Happened in Holbeck

Signs have been popping up all over Holbeck; tales of Holbeck’s glorious past and magical present.


They are part of a project created by Slung Low, Holbeck’s own theatre, with members of their writers’ group. The free writer training scheme has been running for the last 18 months with Casualty writer Mark Catley and Freedom Studio’s Artistic Director Aisha Khan.

Slung Low is very proud of being based in Holbeck and wants to make more work here, the sign project is part of that ambition. 72 stories, written by residents of Holbeck and wider Leeds, placed on lamp-posts. Inspired by the brilliant, complicated present and past of Holbeck – you can read this magic-real version of the town only if you walk through and within it.

Sally Proctor from Slung Low Theatre said:

“We work a lot with the very brilliant writer John Hunter and he has created an audio play, which ties together these signs with a new narrative of his own creation. We wanted something that could be a fun way to get our guests at the HUB out into Holbeck, a dramatic introduction to the area that we love so much. Following a map designed by John Welding and listening to the music of Heather Fenoughty we thought this was the most interesting way for our various guests and visitors to the HUB to experience the place we’ve made our company home. The audio show is called It Happened Here.”

So when we have a gathering of fellow theatre makers later this month their introduction to the area will be to walk around Holbeck following John’s story.

It Happened Here is launching on Saturday 17 September 2016 at 2pm. It’s free. You just go along to the HUB (67-71 Bath Road, LS11 9UA) and get given a MP3 player and a map and off you set. It takes about an hour. It’s suitable for walking or wheel chair. If you have an access issues let Slung Low know and they will sort something out. You can reserve a ticket by emailing