Shop front improvements for Holbeck

Shop fronts in Holbeck are set to benefit from citywide programme of public realm improvements to ‘local centres’.

A first round of 12 projects is set to be approved by Leeds City Council’s Executive Board next Wednesday (21 March 2018). The Holbeck project will see £135,000 spent on improving up to 19 shop fronts on Domestic Street and Top Moor Side. These are aimed at further supporting the substantial regeneration programme being undertaken in Holbeck by the council and partners.

Shops on Domestic Street, Holbeck

The project ties in with the recently approved Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan. Amongst its eight key objectives is to encourage a thriving local centre and specifically:

“Improve the appearance of the Holbeck Local Centre through … improvements to shop fronts.”

Councillor Richard Lewis, Leeds City Council’s executive member for regeneration, transport and planning, said:

“Town and local centres are at the very heart of our local communities, and we believe it is absolutely vital that a package of meaningful support is provided to ensure that they can continue to thrive and be in the very best position to meet the many economic and social challenges that currently exist. The introduction of our £5m LCP programme that will deliver a variety of meaningful public realm improvements is one of the ways that we have set out to meet this ambition.

“We are now in a position to approve a first wave of 12 bids recommended for approval which have been submitted by businesses, community groups and different stakeholders to improve their local areas. The projects will make real improvements in areas from infrastructure and public realm, to renovation and businesses, and I look forward to seeing the different elements of work started and also welcoming a second round of bids in the future.”

For a full copy of the executive report and a complete list of projects proposed for approval through the Local Centres Programme, please see: