Self help group for young people mental health issues

A new group offering ‘peer support’ is being set up by and for young people suffering from mental health issues.

Celine Bickerdike approached Middleton-based charity Health For All with the idea after suffering herself.

Charlotte, Nadine, Libby and Celine
Charlotte, Nadine, Libby and Celine

“After I left school, I hoped to work in the political field, but a number of opportunities slipped away from me and my anxiety grew and grew” explained Celine. “One day in London I found myself sat on a bench crying my eyes out. Then I resolved to do something to help other people who were feeling the same.”

With her friends Nadine and Charlotte, Celine is working towards creating a space where young people can come and not feel judged, or isolated. As well as providing support they are keen to campaign against the stigma of mental health problems.

“Young people find it difficult to talk about their anxiety, but we’re under so much pressure to be successful” says Celine, “exams, university, jobs, family …”

The group are currently working towards securing funding and a suitable venue and are hoping to launch in July.

If you want to get in touch please contact Libby Tinworth at Health for All: