If you see SID, make him smile

Motorists have a chance to see a smile in Beeston and Holbeck, simply by driving within the speed limit!

Cllrs Ogilvie, Gabriel & Congreve by the device on Beeston Road

Two Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) have been purchased by the Inner South Community Committee. These devices tell motorists their speed and indicate whether they are comfortably within the speed limit, on the edge of breaking the law or going at an excessive speed.

What’s even better, if the speed limit is being followed, the device will provide feedback through a smiley face.

The devices are currently located at Old Lane and Beeston Road, but are also made to be mobile which means they can be placed throughout the Community Committee area in the future.

Councillor Angela Gabriel (Labour, Beeston and Holbeck and Chair of the Inner South Community Committee) said:

“Speed Indicator Devices are about providing feedback, first and foremost, so drivers can see the speed they are going and amend this if they are going too fast. They are meant to be friendly and reassuring for those following the law and clear for those who are choosing to travel too fast that they must slow down.

“No-one wants to be in a collision at speed and this is a good way to identify when drivers can take action to prevent speeding.

“We’ve put the devices in these locations as we are worried about the speed some people travel on these roads. Hopefully the devices will help them see the risks they are taking and drive at the appropriate speed.”