Second youth arrested for Middleton Park swan attack

Police investigating an incident in which two swans were shot in Middleton Park have arrested an 18-year-old male in connection with the matter.

The male was arrested on Saturday (30 December 2023) and has been bailed pending further enquiries.

Members of the public are asked not to speculate on social media regarding this matter and to report any information to the police.

Officers from the Leeds South Neighbourhood Policing Team are continuing to investigate the incident, which occurred overnight on 29 and 30 November, and would still like to hear from anyone with any information that could assist the investigation.

Officers can be contacted via 101 quoting crime reference 13230663049 or online at


This post is based on a press release issued by West Yorkshire Police


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4 Replies to “Second youth arrested for Middleton Park swan attack”

  1. Need to get these people as there was more than one ,there are no words for what I feel and many others feel same about who did this ,but Mark my words karma awaits ,an evil horrendous attack on two slow moving targets

    1. how would u possibly know that there was more than 1 person who did it? so stop commenting all the time on stuff u ain’t even sure about u caused all this mess to even get the first person arrested (even tho they are innocent) because of ur big gob

  2. Evil vile scum that attacked the swans. Dregs of society they are. Need locking up for 20 years. Karmas a bitch.

  3. Certain people are sympathising with the perpetrator of this horrendous attack on 2 swans. They should save their sympathy for all the people badly affected by this causing long term trauma. I have followed this pair since they arrived at the park several years ago as many others have also. To suggest the culprit may have had a mental breakdown is outrageous! I had a mental breakdown when I heard this news. Cannot image how Swan Rescue coped. This was an act of wickedness! I hope the person responsible is soon charged and the punishment fits the crime.

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