Second phase of Future Talent Leeds conversation begins

The second phase of the citywide conversation to help identify skills needed now and for the future of the Leeds economy is underway.

Following on from the initial phase which ran in September, the second stage has now begun at and will run until Thursday 25 November. The conversation is open to those who have already taken part, as well as those who are yet to join in and want to further discuss and develop the ideas and views put forward to shape the Future Talent Plan for the city.

A wide spectrum of people took part in the first part of the conversation, with more than 11,000 visits to the webpage, and over 800 contributions made to the debate. In this phase, to develop the conversation further, contributions from the 16-24 and over-65s age groups are very much encouraged to ensure we have a variety of views represented.

This phase looks to develop the conversation further, and build on key themes raised including:

  • How to ensure the city offers good, sustainable jobs
  • Embracing the climate emergency and net zero target
  • Developing skills for the future and for life
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Offering learning to match employer needs
  • Supporting flexible new ways of working and progression
  • Maximising infrastructure and technology, sustainability and resilience, and
  • Ensuring opportunity for all with nobody left behind.

The conversation is open to anyone over 16 to give their views along with all businesses, organisations, sectors and industries in Leeds and will also serve as an opportunity to review what has been said already and to offer any new thoughts, ideas and insights to the debate so all aspects are considered.

The council is moving to update its talent plan in response to dramatic changes to the jobs, skills and business landscape in the city following changes to national government policy, extra devolved powers plus the impacts of Brexit and Covid-19 in recent years.

The new plan aims to be influenced, created, and owned by the city and be adaptable and resilient to thrive in the face of change. Its focus is on collaboratively addressing issues such as unemployment, inclusion and diversity, digital skills and climate change whilst also ensuring support and skills are in place as the city emerges from Covid-19.

As part of the conversation, debates and engagement are being carried out with youth groups and careers professionals, organisations which represent diverse communities, trade unions, third sector and older people’s forums and key sectors and industry representative bodies such as the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

People will also be able to engage with the conversation at all council-managed libraries and community hubs, using the free online computer access available and supporting information.

Following the end of the second phase of the conversation, all of the contributions will be analysed and reviewed guiding the Future Talent Plan for Leeds, which will be prepared and discussed by the council’s executive board in the spring.

Deputy Leader and executive member for economy, culture and education of Leeds City Council Councillor Jonathan Pryor said:

“Thanks to everyone who took part in the first phase of the Future Talent Leeds conversation, we had lots of great ideas and suggestions put forward which we want to now develop further to ensure we are on the right track to embrace the future and continue to be a compassionate city with a strong economy offering opportunity for all.

“The more people we hear from across all areas and sectors of the city the more effective the plan will be, so we look forward to as many people as possible joining the debate and helping us shape the future of our economy and our city.”

For more information and to take part in the conversation, visit


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council