Residents challenge Stourton Park & Ride scheme

Residents of Hunslet and Belle Isle are organising a campaign against a proposed new Park and Ride scheme in Stourton, following a well-attended public meeting on 20 February 2018.

Image of the proposed Park & Ride site at Stourton: Grand plans, but locals are pushing back at the proposed scheme

The proposed scheme would see a carpark for ​1100 cars built on fields just off j​unction 7 of the M621,​ behind Hunslet Cemetery​ ​- ​then ​buses ​making ​70+ journeys eac​h day ​​into the city centre ​along Low Road, which would be extensively altered.​​

Champions of the scheme argue that it will reduce congestion, and ​help​ reduce air pollution. But local resistance, that emerged last year during the official consultation period, has continued to brew.

Critics argue that the​y’re not against Park and Rides, but that this​ scheme is flawed on ​several levels. They insist:

  • it will consume local green space, and could easily be ​further ​extended in the future;
  • that ​its​ location next to the cemetery is​ disrespectful;​
  • that​ it will generate considerable noise and light pollution, and ​actually more not less congestion ​locally;
  • that the site is essentially a ​bog that’s been repeatedly dismissed for development in the past;
  • that ​there are already Park and Ride schemes just minutes away at Elland Road and Temple Green;
    and that south Leeds is once again having a development imposed upon ​it that might ​somewhat serve the city, but not the local area.

Last month’s meeting saw 35 residents gather at the Parnaby Tavern in Hunslet Carr, share concerns and information, and discuss their campaign.

It seems that the ​Council’s ​decision on the scheme has now been postponed until June – so the campaigners aim to get out locally in the meantime to ​promote awareness about the scheme, research ​it and its likely impact, gather petitions, hold further ​public ​meetings, and challenge local representatives to ditch the scheme.


5 Replies to “Residents challenge Stourton Park & Ride scheme”

  1. I recognise local people have concerns and that they should be listened too but I cannot agree on some of the concerns. The scheme would be at the side of the M621 so I don’t agree it will cause more pollution, noise or light as they are already there. I’m not sure about traffic congestion as removing cars from the road should surely reduce it and I don’t believe there will be roads leading to the nearby houses. As for the other park and rides how would someone get from the M1 to Elland Road without adding to the congestion ?
    We need park and rides where they are needed and that’s at this junction.

    1. Agreed,their logic and reasoning behind their objection doesn’t stand up.

      As for being disrespectful to a cemetery I’d say the wanton vandalism perpetrated by local youths is far more disrespectful.

  2. Where can you see the proposed amendments to Low Road and Hunslet Road? Searched online and can not find any details.

    1. Hi James. They had pretty detailed plans etc at the consultation event, but maybe haven’t uploaded them onto that webpage. Want to try emailing to ask? If you don’t get anyway, come back to me. Yours, Ed

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