Residential for South Leeds young people

[slideshow]Young people from across South Leeds have come together for an exciting residential experience.

17 young people from the Middleton Park ward and Beeston, Cottingley and Middleton Cluster enjoyed a weekend residential at Herd Farm.

Youth workers from Leeds Youth Service brought together the group with the aim of better integration of communities.

Young people took part in a variety of outdoor and indoor activities including a giant swing, a night walk to the Emmerdale set, archery, an assault course and a ‘crate stack’. This is where young people, secured by harnesses, slowly build a tower with crates which they have to balance on. This continues until the stack falls and young people are left dangling in the air!

All involved considered the residential to be a great success, not only in terms of good fun but also in meeting the aim of bringing together young people from different parts of South Leeds.

Young people compared their own areas and looked at the positives and negatives and considered how things could be improved. New friendships have been forged and it is hoped that the success of the residential can be built upon and further projects undertaken to continue this positive uniting work.

This article was written by Julie Blaylock using our Community Reporters website. All guest posts and contributions are welcome!