Radio promotes Organ Donation to African Caribbean and Asian communities

South Leeds Community Radio (SLCR) are working with the Organ Donation Service to recruit Asian and African Caribbean people to the organ donor register.


Organ transplants save lives, but it can be a very difficult decision for the families of people who have died at the time of great distress. Making the decision now to go on the Organ Donor Register can make that decision much easier for your family should you die.

A quarter (25%) of people currently waiting for organ transplants are from the African Caribbean and Asian communities. Yet less than 2% of the people on the organ donor register are from these communities.

Organ transplants are more successful if the donor and recipient have the same ethnic origin. As a result black and Asian people may wait three times as long as a white person for a kidney transplant.

SLCR are running regular announcements in Urdu, Punjabi, Pahari and English to encourage people to join the register over the next month.

If you are interested in registering go to the Organ Donation Service website where you can find more information and you can register online.


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