Promoting community pride with Beeston in Bloom

A lot has been made recently about promoting community pride, but as a member of Beeston in Bloom, this is nothing new. Mention that you are part of a ‘bloom group’ and people assume that you are only interested in flower beds and hanging baskets. Nothing is further from the truth!

Beeston in Bloom Cross Flatts Park 4Beeston in Bloom has been around since 1997, and some members are still going strong 18 years later. Since 2001 the group have entered the Yorkshire in Bloom competition and have a successful record of results.

Although the Yorkshire in Bloom judges pay attention to the floral displays, which make up 50% of the points, the RHS have a long list of other areas that account for the other 50% of the score. For example they look at how we are maintaining our local heritage, protecting our environmental quality (in particular litter), how we promote our activities and involve all members of our community.

Beeston in Bloom is currently made up of a small number of dedicated volunteers. You only have to see them out planting at 8.30am on a soggy  Sunday to witness their dedication. They have a number of projects around Beeston that take time, effort and funds to maintain. You may have seen the logo displayed on troughs, planters and areas like the Millennium Garden in Cross Flatts Park. We hope that by putting our logo on the displays residents will appreciate that it has been done by volunteers.

We aim to help people by holding regular plant sales, selling affordable plants that have been grown from cuttings taken from our own gardens. In turn, we get help from Parks and Countryside Department, Environmental Services, the Community Committee who provide financial support, other voluntary groups who maintain their own projects and business groups who offer their time on a regular basis.

It is easy to join in and we are always looking for new members. You don’t necessarily need green fingers. We can make use of your particular skills – promoting our activities, securing funds for new projects or painting street furniture can all done without lifting a spade.

Twice a year we invite the judges to come and see our efforts and are proud of our achievements. Summer judging is due to take place on 9 July, when not only Beeston, but Cottingley, Holbeck and Park Fisheries will also be judged.

If you are interested and really care about Beeston feel free to join us. For example there will be a group working in Cross Flatts Park on Wednesday 1 July from 10am – 3pm. Volunteers from the NHS and Leeds Federated Housing will be joining Beeston in Bloom to garden, paint railings and generally tidy the area around the Millennium Garden.

There will also be a flurry of activity as judging day approaches and if you want to help let me know and I’ll let you know what, where and when.

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This post was written by Linda Stanley using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.