Project to support migrant households in South Leeds

Leeds City Council recognises that migrant communities are valuable contributors to the city’s economy, culture and diversity. With this in mind, the Migration Team (who are based within the Communities team at Leeds City Council) have been hard at work developing several projects and have recently secured grant funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to deliver the Community Connectors programme.

The aim of the programme is to support migrant communities living in our inner city areas, to help them to access services and connect with the wider community. Sixteen neighbourhoods in Leeds are now categorised as being among the most deprived nationwide. Initially the council is focusing on six of these neighbourhoods; five of them have a high number of new migrant communities, which are the target of this project:

  • Beeston Hill within the Hunslet and Riverside ward
  • Recreations within the Holbeck and Beeston ward
  • Cliftons and Nowells within the Burmantofts and Richmond Hill ward
  • Lincoln Green within the Burmantofts and Richmond Hill ward
  • Holdsforths and Clydes Approach within the Armley ward

Beeston Hill and Recreations are two areas in South Leeds that the project focuses on; however, referrals will not be limited to these neighbourhoods.

With a wealth of knowledge on the issues and challenges faced by new migrants, Community Connectors aim to provide comprehensive support to these migrant households, regardless of their immigration status or needs. Areas of need may include: housing, safety, education, health and well-being, finance and basic needs (food, clothing etc.)

If you or someone you know has been in the UK fewer than ten years and needs support, please contact:


This post was written by Sophie Tong

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3 Replies to “Project to support migrant households in South Leeds”

  1. I read this entire article expecting to understand why there are homeless people on the streets of Leeds and why instead such effort can’t include them too. Given that this is the very county they were born into and likely let down through no choice of their own by upbringing, mental health, education, abuse etc. But I found nothing. I am not a Sun reader, or Tory supporter or in any camp other than for all humans and it’s a kind thing to support migrants I do believe they play a role. I fully support us helping others but why can’t it include homeless people from here? When it’s our own system that’s likely let them down don’t you think that ought to be a priority too??

    To re-quote your own words ‘ALL communities are valuable contributors to the city’s economy, culture and diversity’ and until you get this the economy will always fail. Everyone can contribute and play a part…if you give them a chance!! Think about what you’re doing. You’ve let Beeston run down from the 80s to the point I don’t even recognise it anymore, and these areas that needed more investment are the areas you think it best to move people from other countries into?? No problem with that but open your eyes and get people off our streets as a priority.

    1. Do you honestly believe that people are homeless in Leeds because money is getting divested to programs to help migrants? Or that only citizens end up on the street? I guarantee that’s not the case, but regardless, why would you get angry at this program? It isn’t taking from the mouths of the poorest, and I guarantee there are better sources of funding to support anemic social programs than whatever pittance is going to this one.

      Why not instead get angry with the largest corporations in the country who don’t pay taxes, or even get government subsidies (like Ocado or BP)? Or the wealthy of the nation who hide their income in offshore accounts? Do you spend equal time criticizing the people listed by the Panama Papers? Why aren’t you angry at the Tories for pushing austerity on us and stripping social programs over the past decade to the point where the death of homeless people is at its highest in 3 years, and drug-related deaths of people on the street are highest they’ve been in 6 years? THESE are the things we should be angry about.

      There are ample resources for everyone living in the UK, if only the corporations, individuals, and the government prioritized everyone paying their share. Instead of commenting on how we should leave migrants to rot until our citizens are all accounted for, realize it’s the people who aren’t paying their dues and hoarding wealth who are to blame, and these arguments only serve to distract us from that. Everyone in this country should be housed, safe, and feel valued, regardless of country of origin or citizenship.

  2. What about helping young couples on minimum wage who would like to start a family but can’t afford to because of private rent charges council tax rises etc., People who’s parents and grandparents have contributed all their lives. I walk through Leeds town centre at 5am every morning and the only homeless i see are single young men and women. Why is it always South and East Leeds that have to “help” why not Wetherby Garforth or any of the other areas where councillors live? The Nowells in Harehills used to be first time buyers homes same with a lot of Beeston and Hunslet now they are owned by greedy landlords who are either ripping low earners off or charging tax payers to house migrants. To get a council house in Rothwell you have to have connections to the area and at full rent council tax etc to get one in South Leeds you have to be claiming benefits and have kids Leeds City Council should be looking after their own first

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