Poverty Busters – our new campaign


Poverty busters logo 2South Leeds Life launches a new campaign this week as we do our bit to help people facing low wages, benefits cuts and high interest lenders.

We don’t pretend to have a magic wand or even all the answers, but we know people who have some of the answers. Under the “poverty busters” banner we will be reporting on the problems and the solutions.

For example, today we report on a new Job Club starting on the Cardinal estate in Beeston. Over the coming days and weeks we will report on community workshops to help you avoid scams, manage your budget and understand how the Government’s welfare reforms will affect you. We will let you know where you can get help and advice and look at grow-your-own and sew-your-own initiatives.

We want to hear about your experiences too. Have you been affected to the Bedroom Tax, or hit by spiralling loan repayments? We think it’s important that the decision makers understand the effects of their policies so we’ll do our best to publicise real stories.

If you’ve got issues you would like to see South Leeds Life cover as part of this campaign please get in touch or leave a comment below.