Poll: South Bank or Holbeck?

We received the following letter today:

Temple Works JMI’ve just read your piece in the South Leeds Life December issue. As a longtime Holbeck man I would like to know along with a lot of other longtime Holbeck residents where the new name of South Bank came from?

I cannot find it on any Leeds map as far as I’m aware Holbeck starts at the old Elland Road, now the M621, and finishes at the old canal basin behind the old Crabtrees site on Water Lane LS11. It is only since the big hitters moved in ie Burberrys, that the Leeds City Council and the developers decided to go up market. If Holbeck was good enough for industrialists like Mr Marshall and Mr Crabtree and all of the other great people who made Holbeck famous why the change? Methinks they are planning to change the postcode to LS1 and cut Holbeck in two, say at Sweet Street.

Just as an afterthought, if it does go upmarket the ‘Bath Road Babes’ will most likely up their rates?

A response will be welcomed, kind regards, Terry Nichols

We thought we would put the question to you the readers, so here’s a fun poll for the weekend.

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