Police seize off road Sur-Ron bike in Middleton

While on patrol in Middleton last Thursday (18 January 2024) officers from the Leeds District Off Road Bike Team apprehended a 17-year-old rider and seized his electric off road bike.

They posted the following account on the Leeds South Neighbourhood Policing Team’s Facebook page:

“Spotting a Sur-Ron rider having a casual chit-chat outside the shops, our team decided to join the conversation, albeit with a firm grip on the Sur-Ron.

“The 17-year-old rider, however, had dreams of making a speedy escape but those dreams were temporarily placed on ice as our officers skillfully prevented a chilly sprint.

“Enter one irate teenager, and a set of temporary cuffs.

“As if the frosty encounter wasn’t enough, the rider’s mum arrived on the scene, summoned by the distressed rider’s phone call.

“Riding a Sur-Ron requires more than just a fearless spirit. Road registration, a license, insurance, and an MOT are not optional accessories.

“Therefore the bike was seized and the rider was reported for riding without a license and no insurance!

“And here’s a pro tip: These two-wheeled rockets aren’t fans of cold weather. Consider this our friendly reminder that winter winds and Sur-Rons don’t mix well.”


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4 Replies to “Police seize off road Sur-Ron bike in Middleton”

      1. Very true.

        I lived in Armley for a few years and saw this situation often. It’s a shame really because half the time the youngster only knows what they have been taught.

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