Police look to reduce Middleton and Belle Isle burglaries

Police in Middleton and Belle Isle are continuing to reduce the number of burglaries by adopting a scientific approach to increase patrols and warn householders of where they expect burglars to operate.
Known as ‘super cocooning’, the new initiative has its origins in research work carried out by University College London’s Department and Security and Crime Science, which shows that homes that have been recently burgled and those nearby are likely to be targeted again.
Following the initial police response to a burglary, super cocooning work sees a team of officers dispatched to the surrounding area, who visit local residents, making them aware that a burglary has been committed nearby and asking them to be extra vigilant as well as offering crime prevention advice.
In addition to the ‘cocooning’ work, police are also offering residents free property marking equipment which can be used to track stolen items and makes them less appealing to burglars.
Inspector Yvette Hammill, who leads the Rothwell Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:
“We use a variety of tactics to tackle burglary and the super cocooning work has been proven to help reduce burglary in areas that have been previously been targeted.
“Academic research of crime patterns has shown that burglars are lazy and will often target the same area they know and have perhaps had some success in previously.
“The cocooning work we undertake means that officers are out on patrol in the areas we know a burglar is likely to try and operate in as well as helping local home owners to make sure their property is as secure as it can be.
“At this time of year I would also remind people to be on their guard against sneak-in type burglaries that do traditionally rise at this during the summer months alongside the supposed warmer weather.
“If you are in your house, garden or you’ve just popped out to put the washing on the line, please remember to lock your door and be mindful about leaving windows open.”
The number of burglarties across the city over the past year reduced to  7,662 offences, which is 1,207 fewer than the previous year and the lowest figure the city has seen since 2005/06.

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  1. When my father was a Policeman it was called ‘Policing’ &amp now without any university research it’s called community Policing &amp distraction burglaries! Why is the ‘hype necessary, no need, just plain, simple community Policing is needed without spending millions on research!

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