Police go door knocking in South Leeds

The Leeds South Neighbourhood Policing Team has been at the heart of an operation in South Leeds today (4 March 2020) which saw many doors knocked on, a few with considerable force.

Drugs Warrants were executed at two addresses in the Longroyds area of Beeston this morning  and at two addresses in the Throstles area of Middleton at lunchtime.

But Operation Momentum went further with partners including Councillors, LCC Communities, LASBT (anti-social behaviour), housing, cleansing & environments all working together, going door to door and speaking to residents to gather information to make their area safe and feel safer.

Officers were also joined by Max the Police drugs dog, who had a very busy day.


2 Replies to “Police go door knocking in South Leeds”

  1. On Burton Road by the side of Aldi food store various cars are seen and youths/men appear to be exchanging small packets and money .things have got worse since Holbeck police station closed. Beggars often by the cash point outside Tesco seems to be the norm too. Barely any police presence seen in the area now.

  2. About time used to be a decent area before private landlords took over and non existent councillors who are only interested in cross flats area get rid of the money laundering takeaways the areas turning into a ghetto

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