Picture perfect: Help South Leeds Life cover the Olympic Torch relay

So Monday’s the big day when the Olympic Torch comes to south Leeds. We know there’s a lot of interest in this as you’ve been coming to our site in your hundreds over the past couple of weeks searching for the latest information on what’s happening.

South Leeds Life will be covering the event on Monday – but we need our readers’ help to document this historic occasion as we can’t be everywhere at once!

So… we’re asking our readers to share their photographs or video of the day with us and create a snapshot of the day as told in photographs by local residents.  We’re looking for photos of the torchbearers as they pass, the crowds lining the street, any community events happening on the day – anything that takes your fancy, really!

Getting your photos of the event to us couldn’t be easier. Email them to southleedslife@gmail.com, Tweet them on the #olympictorch hashtag and we’ll pick them up or share them on our Flickr group pool.

We will, of course, give you a credit on all of your photos we use. Happy snapping!