Patients urged to stop over ordering repeat prescriptions

The NHS in Leeds is asking patients to stop over ordering on their repeat prescriptions or ordering earlier than they normally would do. Patients are also being reminded that they shouldn’t ask for an increased supply, and to continue to request repeat prescriptions at the normal frequency, no more than 7 days before their medication is about to run out, unless they’ve been advised differently by their healthcare professional.

Dr Sarah Forbes, local GP and Associate Medical Director for NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

“The NHS in Leeds is making a plea to all patients across the city, to stop over ordering on your repeat prescriptions and to order as you would normally do. Your GP will not be able to increase the quantity of medication you would normally get.

“By over ordering or stockpiling medicines that you don’t immediately need, you could be preventing other patients from accessing the medicines they need from their local GP practice and pharmacy.

“We know that as a nation we’re facing uncertain times because of coronavirus, and it’s making a lot of people nervous and anxious. However, we all must remember that we’re in this together and we will get through this but only if we work together.

“Help your NHS by being sensible when ordering repeat prescriptions and any other medications, support your local community and make sure that we get through this together.”

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This post was based on a press release issued by NHS Leeds

Photo: Pills by Jamie via Creative Commons