Partners beautify Beeston planter

Love Beeston / Clean Beeston – Rowland Road, a success story

Every year as part of our action planning, Beeston in Bloom identifies an area that is overgrown and in need of some TLC. In 2014 we agreed that the traffic calming planter at the junction of Rowland Road and Dewsbury Road was well overdue our attention.

Groundwork and the South Leeds Community Alliance had also been working in Beeston Hill and we agreed to combine our efforts. So with help from the Groundwork ‘Green for Go’ team, Leeds Federated Housing, Leeds City Council, local residents and Beeston in Bloom the site was cleared of rubbish and overgrown shrubbery was completely removed.

Funding for plants was secured by Leeds Federated Housing and a planting party was arranged.

Further money was available in the last round of Community First Funding and Groundwork commissioned the Specialist Autism Services, who are based on Dewsbury Road, to build a mosaic depicting the ‘Love Beeston / Clean Beeston’ campaign.

Since the site was cleared the Green for Go team have made regular trips back from their site at Lady Pitt Lane allotments for routine maintenance and the planter is now a credit to everyone who has worked on the project.

To celebrate the end of the project with the installation of the mosaic, the Green for Go and Specialist Autism Services team gathered again to show off the result of their hard work.


This post was written by Linda Stanley using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.



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