OWL gives you a bird’s eye view of local crime

OWL is the crime fighting network that gives residents a bird’s eye view of the crime picture in South Leeds.

It enables Police and partners to communicate with groups such as Neighbourhood Watch schemes or individual members of the public at the click of a button.


Residents can log onto the website www.owl.co.uk/wyp to sign up to the facility which has national police approval.

Some advantages of registering to receive messages from OWL are:

  • More direct communication from the Police about local incidents (alerts and advice)
  • Advice on improving your own home security
  • Membership can act as a deterrent to burglars, car thieves and unscrupulous door to door callers
  • It helps neighbours watch out for one another and working together to report suspicious activity

West Yorkshire Police Crime Prevention Officer, Chris Joyce, said:

“OWL has been very popular when used elsewhere in West Yorkshire. What we are always seeking to do is give residents access to the information they need about the crime picture in their communities to both keep them in the picture and help them safeguard their properties.

“OWL provides a fast and efficient way for us to communicate pertinent messages and crime alerts to communities across the area. Messages will be specific to ward areas, ensuring that residents that are registered on the system receive timely information and advice.

“It also allows users to become part of other existing schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch, Business Watch and Forecourt Watch to name just a few.”

Visit www.owl.co.uk/wyp to find out more and sign up.