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On Friday I went back to school, Mums Maths Days what they said. I took a seat beside my son, saw the work and thought … ”I’m dead!”

The teacher introduced herself, then said “just ask if you are stuck … We’re learning through last year’s GCSE’s.”

And I sat there just thinking “oh ****.” I looked at the other mums sitting all smiley, working their way through quite quick.

I looked at the paper, my son sitting so eager and thought “ oh God help you … I’m thick!”

The teacher came wandering, I just knew she would politely said “that isn’t right.” She explained the problem and ways to resolve it, much to my bloody delight.

Well, my son he got it, as the teacher went on then started explaining to me I came here this morning to brush up on maths.

But I can’t do a GCSE! Can just about add up the bills every month. Work out prices of shoes in a sale. But give me year 11 maths GCSE and it’s written all over it … FAIL.


Those  Dam green goblins they will come chasing. They’ll get me for sure I can tell.

So I’ll sit here pretending it’s all making sense until it is time for the bell!

Well I can get top marks in cuddles, cleaning and cooking the tea But I want my son to pass his exams.

So Pleeeeease do not come asking me.

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Nina and Children

As much as I love you I’d just like to say … Don’t slam the door as you’re leaving today,

Don’t stamp about cursing, don’t scream, don’t shout. Say something nice as you’re on your way out!

If ya shoes gone off walking, or ya bag isn’t there, it means I’ve had to move it cos you didn’t care.

Ya smart little comments go over my head I’ve been there, I’ve done it … and said what you’ve said.

So say something new, something I have not heard. Or put up ‘n’ shut up ‘n’ don’t say a word!

Your death stares don’t phase me, I’m sure you’ve seen mine. But yours will get better, believe me … in time.

You’re life is a nightmare, ya mum is a pain, you’re late for school, oh surprise … once again!

Well as you dash out, gobbing off on your way, I politely smile and shout “have a good day.” When really I’m thinking “Thank God they are gone.”

I was wondering how long that could go on! I’m nackered already, my head is just spinning I’m ready for bed and the days just beginning!

But thank God for this silence it’s wonderfully bliss the only one thing as a mother, I miss.

Wrote this years ago, made me smile when I found it today 🙂

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Thursday, 24 March 2021


With eyes so lost you look at me
… another banished memory
you smile because you know my face
but yet my name, you can not place.

Where is the woman I know is so strong
where are the memories we’d laugh upon?
What happened to the lady so proud who stood tall,
Dementia has stolen…stolen it all.

A distant frail lady now sits in a chair
a vacant expression along with her there
Remembering childhood, with her father and mother
finding hard to recall, any memory of other.


Ken says:

“Wow what a talented young lady Nina is. Wish I was as good doing Poetry”.


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