New Post Office for Holbeck and crossing for Dewsbury Road


Local Councillors in South Leeds have been busy securing local improvements. A new Post Office is to be opened on Domestic Street in Holbeck and a new pedestrian crossing built on Dewsbury Road near Tesco.

The new Post Office site on Domestic Street, Holbeck. Photo: Jeremy Morton
The new post office site on Domestic Street, Holbeck. Photo: Jeremy Morton

The Councillors have led a campaign with local residents to keep a Post Office open in their area, as the threat of closure has loomed over the Elland Road branch for a long time. The Councillors are now delighted to be celebrating what they describe as a victory for local residents. The new post office will be located in the old library building.

The Post Office will be one of the new ‘main style’ branches and will be a welcome addition to the local area. With longer opening hours and a wider range of products and services, residents can expect an improved and more flexible Post Office experience. The service will be fully accessible with a level access and wide entrance. Inside will be a low level serving counter, low level writing desk, hearing loop and room for a wheelchair.

The branch will open on the 27 September and is replacing the Elland Road branch that closed last week. If residents need to access a post office in between these dates, there are several alternatives within a 2 mile radius. Including Beeston Hill, Tong Road and Victoria Terrace Post Offices.

Councillor David Congreve (Labour, Beeston and Holbeck) said:

“We have been working hard to ensure a Post Office remains open in the area so we are delighted with the news that not only will the service remain, but that it will be upgraded and modernised.”

“The reaction from local residents has been fantastic and I am looking forward to the opening. I am confident that everyone will be pleased with the modern new branch.”

“The Post Office will meet customer needs but also ensure that the service continues to be both viable and sustainable. We are sure that the new branch will cater for the wider needs of Holbeck.”


The site of the new pedestrian crossing on Dewsbury Road. Photo: Jeremy Morton
The site of the new pedestrian crossing on Dewsbury Road. Photo: Jeremy Morton

Meanwhile Councillors Mohammed Iqbal, Patrick Davey and Elizabeth Nash (Labour, City and Hunslet) have long canvassed for a new pedestrian crossing on the busy Dewsbury Road. They say it is now more important than ever as the number of pedestrians wishing to cross the road has increased, with new facilities such as the Tesco convenience store by the side of the road.

The Council’s Highways Department has put forward proposals to provide a pelican crossing outside the dental surgery and close to the entrance of Linden Grove. The bus stop opposite Tesco will be moved to a position closer to the dental surgery, with the bus stop nearer Tesco remaining where it is with no disruption to service.

The crossing will not only allow local residents to cross the busy road with ease, but will also be effective in slowing down the dangerously fast traffic.

This is one of many projects Leeds City Council is funding at the moment to improve pedestrian safety and Councillors are always eager to listen to what residents have to say about how the local area can be improved. Once proposals have been agreed with Highways Department, it is hoped the crossing will be built in the near future. Residents will be notified upon confirmation.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal (Labour, City and Hunslet) said:

“The crossing is much needed for Dewsbury Road, which is one of the busiest roads in Leeds. It means residents no longer have to worry about the high speed of the traffic and will allow for easy access to and from the Tesco store.”

“We must ensure we do all we can to make residents feel secure in their areas and keeping our roads safe and easy to use is a very important part of that.”

“This is a project we are delighted to fund as we know it will make a real difference to the local community.”

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  1. I still say traffic calming measures on Cross Flatts Grove is sorely needed… so many cars speeding down it all the time…

  2. A change of priorities at Wooler Grove would help so that traffic on Cross Flatts Grove has to give way as it has to do higher up and lower down.

    Perhaps all of the Cross Flatts area could be a 20 MPH zone?

    If people feel strongly about this why not email your councillor?

    Both of the initiatives in the main story here are much needed so many thanks to the councillors.

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