New planning guidance for Holbeck

Plans to continue the regeneration of Holbeck Urban Village and improve its connectivity with Leeds city centre and the wider South Bank, will be discussed by senior councillors tomorrow (Wednesday 22 June 2016).

Tower Works on Globe Road in Holbeck
Tower Works on Globe Road in Holbeck

At a meeting of Leeds City Council’s executive board, members will be asked to approve new planning guidance for the northern parts of Holbeck, a historic area within the wider South Bank, Leeds which is currently one of Europe’s largest regeneration projects.

The new Holbeck, South Bank Supplementary Planning Document, will help guide development and focus on creating jobs and improving employment prospects in adjoining communities, while also improving linkages to the city centre.

Councillor Richard Lewis, Leeds City Council executive member for regeneration, transport and planning, said:

“This is important planning guidance which will help us continue our work to facilitate the regeneration of a historic part of the city with connections to Leeds’ industrial past.

“Our ambition is to see this wider South Bank area become one of Europe’s most exciting sustainable growth locations, transforming the city centre and connections to neighbourhoods in the south, and this part of Holbeck is crucial to this work.

“Once this planning guidance is adopted, we will work with residents, businesses and partners to consider how best to market and promote this area of the city while also retaining the unique ‘Holbeck’ identity and ethos of regeneration to date.”

The formal public consultation for the Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPD) which took place over March and April saw a range of responses from residents, stakeholders, landowners and businesses.

If adopted, the document will ensure that the Holbeck, South Bank Supplementary Planning Document becomes a “material consideration” in all planning decisions taken about future development proposals. It will replace the previous revised planning framework for the area agreed in 2006.

The new SPD extends the previous boundary for the area to include sites south of Sweet Street. These sites are important because of their closeness to Temple Works and their role in connecting Leeds city centre and the urban village to Holbeck and Beeston.

The document also expands on relevant policies within the wider Leeds Core Strategy. Once adopted, by law, any decision on an application for development in the area will need to consider the Holbeck, South Bank Supplementary Planning Document.

To read a full copy of the Executive Board report, please visit: