New planning application for Middleton shops site

Revised plans have been submitted by developer  Marshall CDP for the St George’s Shopping Centre on the former Co-op office and warehouse site in Middleton.

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If successful the scheme will see both Lidl and B&M stores on the site along with nine smaller units, with permission for a betting shop. As well as bringing derelict land back into use, the project could create up to 180 jobs.

We reported last October that planners had refused permission for the original plans after eleven months of negotiations citing problems with landscaping and noise from a service yard to adjacent residential properties on Dolphin Road.
Buildings on the site have been rearranged in the new submission, so that houses are shielded from noise on the site by the one of the stores.

The plans show 284 car parking spaces and that nine existing mature trees will be removed and replaced by planting new trees around the periphery and on the car park.

A number of objections have already been made by residents. These focus on traffic issues at the roundabout and concerns about the impact on the existing Middleton District Centre, especially if B&M moves from their existing premises.

The full plans can be viewed online via the Leeds City Council Planning Portal here. Comments can be made until Friday 30 March.


7 Replies to “New planning application for Middleton shops site”

  1. Sorry I know I don’t live in Middleton but live not far away why do we need other retail park why can’t the one that is already there be redevelop and bungalow and affordable housing built on the site by the time we have finish we are going to have more supermarkets than we really need
    As for the trees are they going to plant mature tress or the little pathetic ones that are already planted in these car parks that are neither useful or Any good

  2. No, Middleton does not have enough supermarkets or retails, and new Lidl and even more shops are absolutely necessary.

    One middle size ASDA and Aldi are not enough considering number of houses built in last few years.

    if we need a new school, than we need more shops too.

    Please do not mention existing BM shop and retail park, it is in so poor condition and really not a place where I would like to spend my time and money. Even in such poor condition it attracts people, simply because it is only place for multiple shopping, so new, modern retail park is absolutely necessary.

    @Tracy – New affordable houses are already planned and built in Middleton.

    Traffic is separate problem, Middleton Ring road needs urgent upgrade and on road parking restrictions, too many irresponsible drivers unnecessary park on the road (they have their own drives) which slows down traffic.

  3. I personally think a good family pub where you can eat would be better! Maybe a Wetherspoons we have no pubs left in Belle isle of Middleton to go where we can socialize
    We have enough supermarkets already with Asda and Aldi Iceland BnM and a Morrison’s at Hunslet
    Really no need for something we already have enough off !!

  4. I personally think a nice pub would be better or even included in the plans along with the shop would be great for Middleton residents .

  5. I agree with the pub idea there is no where for local people to socialise. Fed up of seeing new housing popping up all over South Leeds all the “affordable housing” ends up in the wrong hands its private landlords or any council houses end up going to people who either have no connection to the area and don’t work or both!!! Its about time the councillors for areas actually lived in the areas they are suppose to represent the ones for City and Hunslet are the worse!

  6. Hello, I’ve just been reading views about Middleton getting a new retail park. I couldn’t agree more with your views, we don’t need more retail parks what we need is more houses,especially bungalows. My husband & myself are disabled we’re waiting to be re-homed, we’re waiting for a bungalow but none are ever available in Middleton which is where we want to go. My auntie lives in Denaby near Doncaster & the amount of bungalows over there is unbelievable. They definitely cater and think about the old people. It’s not just 10 in a street it’s a whole area which is good for the elderly or disabled. It’s time our council here thought that way.

    I agree with your views on up grading, because it will not create more jobs. In years to come according to what I heard on TV yesterday ROBOTS are going to take over most of our jobs eg supermarkets and shops so where will we be then? We’ve already got self check out in most supermarkets.

    My view are so strong on this hope we are all under a stud.

  7. A Lidl in the area would be big plus for me as it would reduce my car usage even further – the introduction of the Asda and Aldi stores have reduced the miles I drive considerably and increased my foot miles which is great.

    I agree the Middleton Center is not a desirable must-go-to destination (shabby at best) despite walking through its newly resurfaced car park almost everyday. Hard to believe that the road surface is now the best bit of that development. Some investment by the owners would not go a miss – maybe more competition in the area may wake them up into redeveloping.

    As for pubs clearly not a great demand as the Grey Goose, Omnibus and Middleton aArms have all passed without much comment.

    Roll on the Lidl development 🙂 not sure about another bookies though – a little bit like fast food outlets, not something I use, but I guess there is a demand.

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