Middleton’s monthly meal!

Join Middleton residents for the Change 4 Life  Middleton Monthly Meal!

change for lifeCome along once a month to join in the fun learning  to cook healthy, easy and tasty meals for all the family. The session  runs from 3.30-6pm at Middleton Community Centre, Acre Road, next door  to Middleton Primary School on the 2nd Monday of the month.

It’s free of charge, fun activities are provided for  the children and a free sit down meal for all the family at the end of  the session. All equipment and ingredients provided- who said there’s no  such thing as a free lunch… although technically  it’s a free tea!

Come along, learn new recipes, try new foods, meet  new people and have fun! It’s a great way to get the kids to try foods  they’d never normally try! We would love to see you there, open to  families with nursery/primary school aged children.

  • Monday 11th February 3.30-6pm
  • Monday 11th March 3.30-6pm
  • Monday 15th April 3.30-6pm
  • Monday 13th May 3.30-6pm
  • Monday 10th June 3.30-6pm

For more information please contact Toshal Bhatia or Gayle Graham at Health for All 0113 271 7231.