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Middleton Railway commemorate 50 Anniversary closure of Broom Colliery

Visit Middleton Railway this weekend commemorating 50 Anniversary closure of Broom Colliery. We have worked in partnership with the Railway so that every Primary School Child in Belle Isle & Middleton will receive a brilliant history book .

We hope you all like it and save it for future generations.
There is lots on display this weekend including the miners wage book !!! You will see many re painted engines and fantastic photos.

Thanks to all who volunteer at Middleton Railway they’ve worked so hard to put on this brilliant event showcasing South Leeds History .

Kim Groves, Hilary Benn and Judith Blake

The time and dedication volunteers put in at Middleton Railway is tremendous and greatly appreciated..

Just want to say thank you so much for keeping this important part of our history running all year round.
Myself , Judith Blake,Paul Truswell & Hilary Benn look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Thanks to Leeds City Council Inner South Community Committee community for all your help and support.
SouthLeeds Life & Love Where You Live Project Middleton Railway/

Kim Groves Judith Blake,Paul Truswell & Hilary Benn



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