Middleton Park: Have your say on the future

Middleton Park Feb15South Leeds residents can have their say over the future development of Middleton Park.

Following the recent investment of £2 million by the Heritage Lottery Fund the park has undergone a significant amount of change and development in recent years. Last year the decision was taken to close the Leeds City Council managed golf course and integrate the land within the park.

The Council, in partnership with the Friends of Middleton Park, is now looking to consult widely with the local community on how this land can be enhanced for the benefit of all and it’s hoped that the consultation will bring forward a wide range of views and ideas.

A programme of public consultation events will be held throughout the community from Monday 30 March to 15 May with the aim of capturing the views of the community on how this site can be developed and enhanced as a space for use by all.

Middleton Park sports cycle 01A permanent display will be in place at Middleton Park Visitor Centre along with further detail on a programme of public consultations in the community.

Alan Shaw, chair of trustees for the Friends of Middleton Park, said:

“The closure of Middleton Park Golf Course was disappointing, especially after the considerable local effort to try and save the course, but we now have an opportunity to enhance the park and make it something that the local community can all use.

“This consultation exercise provides an opportunity to hear the local community’s views and ideas and hopefully establish a plan of what can be delivered over time, building on the legacy of the Heritage Lottery Fund investment.”    

The initial proposals, developed with the Friends of Middleton Park, cover four principle themes for development;

  • The enhancement of green infrastructure including new paths, areas of woodland planting, new bins, benches and interpretation.
  • The development of areas of natural habitat for example wetland, natural grassland and wild flower areas.
  • The development of opportunities for physical activity including marked running and walking routes.
  • Establishing Middleton Park and a hub for cycling including the possibility of developing a mountain biking course, a BMX course, an area for children to learn to ride a bike and a more general leisure cycling route.

Middleton park councillor Judith Blake mooted the possibility of more cycling opportunities, following last year’s successful Tour de France Grand Depart in Leeds. She said:

“Following on from the closure of the golf course many people have expressed a desire for more dedicated activities for young people in the Park, one of these ideas is to develop more cycling opportunities.

“The experience of the Tour de France last year and the imminent Tour de Yorkshire has generated a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm about this prospect.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out and about and hearing people’s views about this exciting opportunity to create something special that people of all ages can benefit from and which builds on the extended opening hours of the café to include Saturdays and Sundays.”      

The visitor centre now operates as a café opening from 10.15am and 2.15pm, Monday-Friday; and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sunday.

Those wishing to share their views are welcome to consider the outline design proposals plan and supporting information on the council consultation website www.leeds.gov.uk/consultations.

5 Replies to “Middleton Park: Have your say on the future”

  1. A cycling or mountain bike track would be great for the local kids and adults it would also bring people in from surrounding areas. Great idea. Would support this fully. J x

  2. A large skate park, bigger play area, cycling track, climbing frames or maybe something like the spider frame they have in Morley (next to leisure centre).

  3. Bmx course would not last it would be damaged within weeks. LCC have shot there self in the foot by shutting it as a golf course now they don’t know what to do with it, and need to go through another consultation ” did they do one of them Fixed Shame on you LCC
    As a golf course it was the best laid out course just a shame they dident have the correct staff to run it, and let it fall apart.

  4. Just yesterday, I was talking with a Beeston lad I know, in his early 20s, who didn’t know about these plans, but was enthusiastically saying he’d love to help build a mountain-biking course in Middleton Park. Nice coincidence!

    He offered to help get other local guys involved too – he said there was real appetite for it. And he mentioned this organisation: http://www.singletraction.co.uk/wp/. It’s a national volunteer-led group who help construct biking tracks – maybe we should approach them.

    On the issue of possible damage to it, I think the idea would be to create not so much a construction (like a skatepark), but more work with the environment to create trails etc. Much harder to vandalise.

    I think it’s a great idea, am happy to lend a hand, and look forward to seeing it happen.

  5. Leeds has very little in the way of accessible and inclusive mountain biking or off-road biking facilities. There is Stainburn, just outside Otley, which is built by volunteers, but it prides itself on being one, if not THE most, technical mountain biking trail centre in the country, which is good but exclusive of less-skilled riders.

    A trail for all abilities like Sherwood Pines would be great for the area and its populations. Its a facility which would blend in with the scenery easily, encourage families to get out and exercising and enjoying the outdoors. All for the cost of some dirt and a little labor.

    Good Luck

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