Middleton Elderly Aid Christmas Fayre 2017

Middleton Elderly Aid Christmas Fayre 2017.


Middleton Elderly Aid residents.

I arrived just after 10am to see the Middleton Elderly Aid centre buzzing with families who came to see Santa and buy Christmas gifts from all the lovely stalls.

It was nice to get in the warm, very cold outside.

Saw Sarah (centre volunteer) with her lovely daughter, now well after her spell in Hospital. Sarah was selling Christmas gifts she had made herself, and no doubt helped by her daughter.

One of the stalls

There was a tombola stall raising money for good causes. Another stall had Christmas cake for sale and other Christmas delights. I did forget to buy raffle tickets, sorry. I will donate some money.

I noticed bacon sandwiches on sale along with hot drunks. Then I spotted Paul Truswell, (councillor) taking to residents. The local councillors always try and attend these events.

Sam looking very nice in her Christmas sweater, made me remember I must get mine out of the wardrobe.

One of the stalls

Santa seemed to forget my Christmas present. Maybe next year.

I only could stay an hour as I had other places to visit. I wish everyone at Middleton Elderly Aid and all the staff and volunteers who keep this centre open for us all to enjoy a very happy Christmas.

I will see you all on Wednesday at events, morning and afternoon.

Don’t forget to have a look at slide show at top of this blog for more photos