Middleton Dynamite Dancers are Champions again

Leeds Dynamite, the Middleton based cheerleading group recently brought back nine trophies from Cheltenham as Western Champions 2013.

Dynamite 1

The group took 39 dancers to the BCA Western Regional Cheerleading Competition, which was held at Cheltenham Race Course on Sunday 24th February. The dancers ages ranged from 5 to 38 years and were grouped in nine squads in three different classes: HipHop, Pom and Jaz.

The group is run by Danielle Watkins who set it up in 1999 to provide dance classes at affordable prices. Competitions are not cheap and the group had to raise £2,500 to enable all the dancers to be entered and transported.

“We did bag packs, sponsored walks, bun stalls, movie nights, raffles and shows to raise the money to go” explains Danielle “One of the aims at Leeds Dynamite is to make sure NO child misses out despite what their parents earn.”

This was the group’s first time at this competition and they took new routines, new music and quite a few new dancers, so they weren’t sure what to expect.

Dynamite 2“All the other squads were amazing and the level was so high, so we didn’t expect to win anything. When it came to the awards, we all sat together in our group crossing everything – crossed fingers, toes, legs …

“Wow, we couldn’t believe it! We won 9 out of 9 trophies: six First place and three Second places. We were all on the floor crying, we were on cloud 9!

“I’ve never seen the Dynamite dancers so happy, it made me feel so proud!”

In the last two years Dynamite have won five of the six competitions they have entered and as well as being Western Champions 2013 are:

  • Midlands champions
  • North east champions
  • UK International Champions 2011 & 2012

Dynamite 3 Dynamite 4

3 Replies to “Middleton Dynamite Dancers are Champions again”

  1. i think its time people came forward and started sponsering dynamite to help with competition fees and travel

    1. I agree Danielle works so hard to raise funds for the group, so the children don’t have to miss out, Danielle’s dedication to the group is one in a million “Keep up the great work Danielle !”
      Anyone know of any funds available out there for this group,they definitely deserve it?

      1. Two sources spring to mind – Community First details at the top of this page and the Co-op’s community fund.

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