Meet Middleton Park’s ‘Writer In Residence’

Middleton Park is now the proud host of its very own writer in residence and he’s running workshops this Saturday (19 October 2019).

Richard Smyth is an award-winning nature writer and journalist who’s credentials include writing for the Guardian, The Times Literary Supplement and setting questions for BBC’s Mastermind.

Richard’s original works include five non-fiction books which include titles such as ‘English History, Strange but True,’ and ‘Bloody British History – Leeds.’ He is a self-confessed freelance ‘writer for hire’ and his portfolio of essays, articles and features is both impressive and thoroughly enjoyable to read.

Richard will use his time wisely in Middleton Park and explore both the park and it’s rich historical and cultural heritage while creating new work centred around his time in residence. He will also be sharing his knowledge and skills by hosting a number of writing workshops including a creative writing session and a guided walk around the park whereby participants can learn more about the history of Middleton Park.

The writer in residence project and the associated workshops Richard will be hosting are part of the Northern Short Story Festival which has events happening across Leeds throughout October starting with Richard’s workshops on 19 October 2019. This is a privilege for the people of Leeds to host such a well-respected local writer but also for us to be able to engage with and discover more about our local area and roots.

The guided walk and creative writing workshop are free and all Richard asks is that you wear suitable sturdy footwear and clothing and that you bring a pen and paper with you. It’s being held at Middleton Park Visitor Centre, Saturday 19 October 1pm-3.30pm. You can also learn more about Richard and his work at


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  1. Abbie,
    Not to be critical but trying to be enlightening, when you write: and it’s rich historical…
    you need to know that “it’s” is an abbreviation for it is or it has.

    I am writing as a fellow (now retired) journalist and hope you take this in the spirit it’s intended.
    The grammatical error distracts from an otherwise well-written and interesting article.


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