Match report: Beeston Broncos U9s at Upton

Beeston Broncos under nines

Broncos U9s travelled to Upton Sunday morning to take on a big club with even bigger expectations, writes Broncos coach Darrell Robinson.

Beeston started the game with possession and after the first couple of tackles it was clear how hard a day we were in for.

In the first set of six tackles Beeston made very little ground thanks to some excellent defence and line speed from Upton.

They managed to get the turnover around 15 metres from their own try line and straight away but there biggest player on the ball and he hit the ball running broke the defence and looked like he was going all the way only to be stopped with a perfect low try saving tackle from Broncos’ #1 Kieran Telford .

Broncos’ defence quickly regrouped and the held out a strong Upton assault at their try line to force a turn over on the last tackle.

Broncos put in three good drives to clear their line when #11 Jarvis Falconer took the ball and with a couple of side steps had cut the defence and was on a 40-metre sprint to the line, an excellent chase from Upton followed him all the way and did just enough to get the try disallowed.

The first half was all about defence and Beeston were certainly coming out on top by driving Upton back and making Upton loose the ball in some big 1 on 1 tackles, but the Upton defence always just managed to do enough to keep the scores 0-0 and that is how the first half ended.

The Broncos started the second half very confidently – and rightly so as they had looked the much better side in the first half.

Upton started with possession and again put there biggest lad on the ball , again he barged his way through the first couple of players on to be hit low again from #1 Kieran Telford, which forced a dropped ball to which #7 Cameron Philis was first to react.

Beeston were now feeling like they could win and started to pass the ball around and looked a very well-organised side.

Strong running from Broncos #8 Tyler Geldard and #13 Thomas Stockdale was certainly taking an effect on the tiring Upton defence, which meant the partnership of Beetons #6 Aidan Robinson and #7 Cameron Phillis could start to shine and with some quick feet and a smart pass from Cameron Aidan thought he was over the line only to be ruled out for being in touch.

Broncos were starting to look good now and it was only a matter of time before the tired Upton defence had no answer to the light pace of #2 Lukas Tottie who went full length to touch down.

Beeston then forced another quick turnover and got the ball to #7 Cameron Phillis, who found some space and went almost the length of the field to get the touch down.

Broncos were starting to control the game now with big tackles coming in from #9 Nathan Kirk #Aidan Robinson and #11 Jarvis Falconer all driving the other team back and anytime Upton did make a break #1 Kieran telford who was in outstanding form made sure no one got far.

More tries came from #12 Dylan Price, #6 Aidan Robinson and #11 Jarvis Falconer and that was the game. Another great performance and job done by a team who are playing for each other. #11 Jarvis Flaconer recieved opposition man of the match award from Upton and #Kieran Telford’s defencive effort earned him joint supporters man of the match along side #2 Lukas Tottie .

Broncos u9’s are now unbeaten in seven games and can’t wait till next Sunday.