Marching on together

Football fans from Leeds and beyond are being encouraged to put their best boot forward after local Councillors Andrew Scopes, Gohar Almass and Angela Gabriel supported proposals to improve walking routes from Leeds City Centre to Elland Road Stadium, home Leeds United.

Holbeck Moor subway is set to feature an innovative artistic design reflecting community identity, after local residents had the opportunity to have their say by entering a community art competition. The winning design will soon be brought to life by Leeds-based artist Andy Sykes.

The artwork will be a welcome addition and it is anticipated that it will give the area a new lease of life and improve the experience of pedestrians using the subway.

Contributing to the City’s drive for a pedestrian-friendly South Bank and supporting the Transport Strategy for Leeds by promoting sustainable modes of transport, the project aims to encourage residents and visitors to make the journey to support their favourite team on foot.

The project forms part of a major regeneration scheme in Leeds which intends to double the size of the city centre through attracting investment and providing increased opportunities for employment, education, living and innovation.

Councillor Andrew Scopes (Labour, Beeston and Holbeck) said:

“My colleagues Angela Gabriel, Gohar Almass and I are really excited about the project and hopeful that the much-needed facelift will liven up the subway for crossing on and off Holbeck Moor.

“Having clearly signposted, animated walking routes between the city centre and Elland Road will not only encourage people to lead healthier, more active lifestyles – it will benefit local residents and businesses by connecting employment, education and leisure opportunities along with providing valuable links to other communities across Leeds.”


Image shows designs for the Fisheries side of the underpass (top) and the park side (bottom)

This post is based on a press release issued by Beeston & Holbeck Councillors


One Reply to “Marching on together”

  1. Lack of Consultation yet again

    A piece of artwork created by Andy Sykes an established public artist has been designated to be placed inside the Top Moor Underpass in Holbeck.
    The artwork is good and Andy is to be commended for his graphics. Our concern is that seemingly the authorities are either unwilling to consult with locals or are just oblivious for the need to share ideas and plans.
    A wider push by LCC to improve the pedestrian experience in South Leeds is welcome but as again dropped in from on high without local involvement
    Holbeck is separate from Elland Rd and I can understand art work associated with football is appropriate for areas around the ground but not necessarily in Holbeck
    Assumptions have been made that the locals would welcome this particular piece of artwork.
    We want Holbeck to be an entity on its own with its own identity History and Heritage. Football is not one of them
    Many in Holbeck are resentful towards LUFC and its fans. We were promised Match day parking (not delivered).
    Fans walking to the matches are regularly see urinating in the area, cause litter and engage in anti social behavior
    This artwork though great to look at, is not appropriate for this location because of some of the above observations

    Dennis Kitchen chair Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum

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