Local Neighbourhood Walkabout

BITMO GATECalling those from; EAST GRANGE and LOW GRANGE CRESCENT. This time next week (Wednesday February 4th) it’s your local neighbourhood Walkabout! If you have any concerns you wish to raise about your local area or if you simpily want to become more involved in your local neighbourhood this is a great way to get stuck in! The Walkabout kicks off at 10:00am from BITMOs WALKABOUTGATE (next door to the housing office). See you there!

2 Replies to “Local Neighbourhood Walkabout”

  1. south Leeds is an absolute hole hence the reason I moved to Methley. I may still be in the area due to business purposes but that does not mean I want to.

    1. Glen, your comments have been edited to cut out the swear word. Please Rember people of all ages read the south Leeds blog and Newspaper and your swearing wont be tolerated.

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