Local Cubs paint BITMO GATE’s computer room


Was welcomed to BITMOs GATE for the painting of the computer walls by the local cubs from the Scout movement.


The Painting was to be a mural of different buildings in the area such as the Belle Isle Untied Reform Church, where the Cubs meet every Thursday. I greeted Sharon, leader of the cubs, by shaking her right hand. Sharon smiled; I was to find out later, this is wrong in the Scout movement. Should have shaken her left hand. More of that later. Sharon has been involved with the Cubs, for 9 years.

1 (10)I also met Steve who is another member of the Cub, Scout movement. Steve has been involved with the Cub, Scout movement for an amazing 26 years. Well done to them both. The Scout Movement was founded by Baden Powell in 1909. Baden died in 1941. Nowadays the Scout movement is led by Bear Grylls.

Some of the Cubs were presented with Badges on the evening, such as one for one night away in camp. Badges were also presented for Help in The Community, and Local knowledge/history of the area.

The following Allegiance was also given out to the Children by Sharon

The Scout Promise On my honour I promise that I will do my best— To do my duty to God and the King (or to God and my Country) To help other people at all times and To obey the Scout Law.

The Cubs are going to Camp at Bramham Park, week after being at BITMOs GATE, where again various badges will be awarded. Sharon gave out various instruction to the Cubs, like must wear uniform in camp until thieve been told OK to change.

Well done to all the Cubs. I notice nowadays the Cubs are a mixture of boys and girls. Very different, from my days as a child.

1 (12)Watched the children paint the mural on the computer room wall, very impressive as you can see by the photos. I promised I would go back and take photos when completed and add those photos to this blog.

I notice the Computers for the evening where unplugged, and stored elsewhere. Sheeting down on carpets. Very wise. The paint was donated by B&Q, Ring Road, Beeston. So well done to them.

As I was about to leave, well you know what I’m like (forget my own shadow), shook hands with my right hand, (wrong) and thanked Sharron for an enjoyable evening and wished her and the Cubs all the best for the future. Promised Sharon I would come back and take photos when mural completed.

Here is the explanation why Scout Movement shake hands with their left: The left-handed Scout handshake is a formal way of greeting other Scouts of both genders used by members of Scout and Guide organizations around the world when greeting other Scouts. The handshake is made with the hand nearest the heart and is offered as a token of friendship. In most situations, the handshake is made firmly, without interlocking fingers, and many organizations only use this handshake when both people are in uniform. There are some variations of the handshake between national Scouting organizations and also within some program sections.

1 (14)Final foot note by Kenneth Ingram:

Sharon says, if any child wants to know more about joining Scout/Cub movement, to go along to Belle Isle Untied Reform Church with there Parents on a Thursday Evenings.


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    More on the handshake.

    A left handshake is a sign of trust. The spear being in the right hand, the warrior had to put down his shield leaving him vulnerable and so placing trust in each other not to use their spears. Baden Powell met chief Dinizulu who put down his shield and shook left hands with Baden Powell showing great trust. This is the origin of the left handshake. Chief Dinizulu also gave BP a necklace of wooden beads and all leaders who complete their training are given wood beads, replicas of the beads from the original necklace which is in the museum at Gilwell park, the home of scouting.

    Well done to the cubs and scouts from Belle Isle, it reminded me of the mural painted by the cubs and scouts when Belle Isle had their own headquarters behind the church.

    I have been a leader for 35 years and Mick has been a leader for 32 years and we retired from Belle Isle last October but are still active in scouting as members of scout active support which is open to former scouts and anyone who would like to be involved in supporting leaders in scouting.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments Barbara Beck.

    Any one wanting to know more about the hand shake, check out WIKIPEDIA.

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