My Life in South Leeds: at Shine

This week we will be running five My Life in South Leeds stories from young women who are part of the Shine Project.

My Life in SL

Hi, my name is Amie, I am 14 years old and live in Belle Isle. I have been at The Shine Project in Hunslet for about 3 years and I have loved every second of it.

Shine AmieThe reason why I have loved it so much is because of all the things we do. I go to a group on a Tuesday where we do all sorts of things such as baking and trying new things like a persimmon which is a weird fruit! We also play funny games like eating donuts off a line, the strawberry lace race and a lot more games. It’s great when we do sport, we go to a near by field when it’s sunny to do all kinds of fun sports like croquet, rounders and more! We also go on trips like to Flamingo Land, climbing (which was particularly good!) and out for meals.

On a Tuesday we also do sessions on self-confidence talking about ‘I’m the girl I want to be’ where we do different activities like saying nice things about people to make them smile, think about what we’d like to do in the future and talk about how words can hurt people. We also picked a celebrity who we thought was a good role model and explain why we liked them. I chose Jessica Ennis because she is a very pretty, down to earth and a successful person in sports which I like so it would be great to be like her!

Shine Leeds WallAnother reason I love going to The Shine Project it is because of all the amazing people that come here, all the new friends I have made and the amazing staff, Kate, Rachel, Roxanne and there was another but she moved to Liverpool (Bekah we miss you!)

Hope you enjoyed reading about The Shine Project; it’s great! Have a look at the website (, Facebook page or Twitter to find out more.