Leeds locksmith won’t see refugees locked out

Leeds Locksmith Andrew Dunn pledged to donate 2 weeks income from late-night lock-outs to support Leeds Asylum Seeker Support Network (LASSN) and their work with asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds.

Andy says:

“I often come to work at properties that need securing or need locks changing etc. Often I come across properties which house Asylum Seekers. Many times these residents treat me well, even brining me food and drink whilst I work. I felt it would be good to give something back.”

After 2 weeks, Andy has raised £450 – which will help to fund LASSN’s work to provide housing for asylum seekers who have nowhere to live, no income, no right to work, and no right to rent a place of their own.

Jon Beech, Director of LASSN said:

“Andy appreciates the importance of security, and the importance of having a safe place to live. And like many people in Leeds – he’s not willing to see people go without, when there’s something he can do about it.”

“If other people want to follow Andy’s lead, helpinleeds.com lists all groups supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds, and most of them could use volunteers or donations like this. We can’t always change what we see happening in the news, but there are many ways to make Leeds a kinder and more welcoming place.

“Massive thanks to Andy of at lemonlocksmith.co.uk for this brilliant idea, for this donation, and to everyone who locked themselves out over the last fortnight.”



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  1. Many thanks and gratitude to Andy for doing everything he does in his line of employment and the Ukraine people would be very thankful to you for your service. Well done Andy.

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