When Did You Last Go Back In Time?


 (1) (14)At the time of writing the group led by Julie are Bev, Anita, Katherine, Frank, Alan, Phil, Wayne and myself.

I think Julie is an inspiration to us all. I can see her health takes its toll by the constant pain she is in, yet is at BITMO GATE every Monday to help a group of us Family Tree Researchers to delve further into our ancestry past. Well done Julie.

Think programme, Who Do You Think You Are? probably caused an upsurge in people wanting to know their ancestry past.

There is now an American version of this TV programme on a satellite channel. First one on, not a clue who they were.

Julie has started a library of books, anything to do with Family Tree research, local history or old photos of the area. If you can pick up anything to do with these subjects at Charity Shops please let me now.

Ken, will reimburse you. You may have some books at home on the subject.

Julie has been discovering family trees for people for many a year and so far traced her husband’s family tree, going back to the 1670s/1680s.

The course started on 20 March, the course is on-going and is at BITMOs GATE every Monday 10am till 12pm midday then from 1pm till 3pm. (1) (17)

On my first visit, Julie asked me for one of my parent’s names and entered it into www.ancestry.co.uk. Within a few mouse clicks, went back in time down my mother’s line to 1866.

I have now progressed from that, and with Julie’s help gone back to 1700s.

Sometimes you get to know things what your ancestors got up to, like at least one of mine ended up in jail, only for a short time as acquitted. While looking at the prison records, noticed in some cases male prisoners were whipped. A record of this is in the Prison log book. Not sure why, but shows you the brutality of it all.

 (1) (4)The group have been twice to Leeds Library family research division. We will all be going again next year.

Last time a few weeks ago at lunchtime we had a Picnic outside the Library. Julie and Chris made the food and paid for by BITMO. Well done to all of you.


Julie’s quote. Me and Chris have always been interested in Family History and it was Chris that started looking into his history.

Chris used the Genes Reunited site to look for records and did find a few for his Grandparents, but had to stop after a while as he started with bad migraines.

I decided to carry on and have been researching for the past few years.  The earliest I have got back to is around the 1670s/1680s which is 8th Great Grandparents.

There have been quite a few interesting finds and it has also put us in contact with Cousins around the world.  We have even met up with 3rd Cousins – Sandra and Ian live in Australia and flew out to England to meet us.  They did a 6 week tour of England and met up with more family members who they are in contact with.  Ancestry can put you in contact with family members you never knew were there.  We are in contact with Sandra and Ian all the time, with regular emails and the occasional Skype. (1) (19)

It was Chris who asked if would like to do an Ancestry group, I was unsure at first and said I would think about it.

I decided I would give it a go, so had a meeting with Carla at Bitmo Gate and now nearly 7 months later the Group is going really well.

It’s proved to be popular and now runs for 2 sessions -mornings and afternoons 10.00 – 12.00 and 1.00 – 3.00 on a Monday.

I really enjoy researching Family history and it’s still on-going, I wonder what I will find out next !!

Please leave your name and details on Comments below and tell Julie if you would like to join group.


2 Replies to “When Did You Last Go Back In Time?”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog and seeing the photos.

    Good to see Julie recognized both for her extensive knowledge of Family History Research, and the help she gives to others especially in view of her physical ‘challenges’. Ian and I were thrilled to be able to meet Julie and Chris when we visited the UK last year (2013) Ian is related to Chris through his mother’s family. I really appreciate being in regular contact with Julie and Chris and have been very interested in the progress of Julie’s Ancestry Hour and wish all who attend the group all the best in their research.

    Like Julie, I have found ancestry.com a wonderful resource in tracing my family tree. It’s also connected me with many family members.

    Best wishes
    Sandra and Ian
    Victoria, Australia

  2. Thanks for your comments Sandra and Ian. Will be going to group at 1pm. See if I can find out more. The Ancestry hour, as grown to 4 hours.

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