Labour hold on in South Leeds

The Labour Party held on to the three South Leeds seats in yesterday’s (2 May 2019) Council election and held on to control of Leeds City Council, losing just four of their 61 seats across the city.

Results came in the early hours of Friday morning following an overnight count at the first direct Arena. Andrew Scopes was re-elected in Beeston & Holbeck; Paul Wray was re-elected in Hunslet & Riverside; and Paul Truswell was re-elected in Middleton Park ward.

Cllr Andrew Scopes said on Twitter:

“Absolutely delighted to have been re-elected for the Beeston and Holbeck ward in #Leeds! Thanks to residents for voting for me, my family, @AdamPOgilvie my agent and the many Labour colleagues for your support! This isn’t about me though, but our community, let’s work together!”

Cllr Paul Wray commented:

“To the people of Hunslet and Riverside, thank you. Dispite a national swing against Labour and the Tories, clearly fuelled by frustration over Brexit, the community I live in and serve has decided to ask me to continue the investment and improvements to our ward I’ve started.”

All three faced challenges from local campaigners. In Hunslet & Riverside, Ed Carlisle fought the seat for the Green Party again and raised his share of the vote from 38% to 42.5%, but still trailed Paul Wray fror Labour by 246 votes.

In Beeston & Holbeck Laura Walton’s (Save Our Beeston and Holbeck Independents) share of the vote was down slightly from 26% to 25.1%. Andrew Scopes’ majority was 954.

The Middleton Park ward saw Wayne Dixon (SDP) win a 23.6% share of the vote, down from 26.8% last year with Will Lockwood (UKIP) on 19% (UKIP didn’t stand a candidate in the ward last year). Paul Truswell’s majority was 852.

The turnout was 25.2% in both Beeston & Holbeck and just 22.4% in Middleton Park, down from 23-28% last year. Across the city the turnout was 31%.


Results in full:

Beeston & Holbeck ward

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description
Gaines Jarrod Antony 187 Liberal Democrats
Hall Alaric Timothy Peter 302 Green Party
Palfreman Bill 349 UKIP
Scopes Andrew Timothy 2033 ELECTED Labour Party
Walton Laura Elizabeth 1079 Save Our Beeston and Holbeck Independents
Winfield Robert James William 326 The Conservative Party Candidate

Electorate: 17,049    Turnout: 25.2%    Spoilt papers: 17


Hunslet & Riverside ward

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description
Carlisle Ed 1766 Green Party
Turner-Chastney Benedict Luke 149 Liberal Democrats
Wray Paul Ian 2012 ELECTED Labour Party
Young Jordan Luke 192 The Conservative Party Candidate

Electorate: 16,246    Turnout: 25.6%    Spoilt papers: 48


Middleton Park Ward

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description
Agbemafle Eunice Delali 212 Green Party
Dixon Wayne Alan 1027 Social Democratic Party
Findlay Hugh William 259 The Conservative Party Candidate
Jacques Robert Hugh 137 Liberal Democrats
Lockwood Will 831 UKIP
Truswell Paul Anthony 1879 ELECTED Labour Party

Electorate: 19,448    Turnout: 22.4%    Spoilt papers: 17