Ken is up for a Tpas award

Ken with Tpas shortlistister certificate

Belle Isle TMO
Congratulations to Ken who has reached the Northern Region finals in the Tpas’ Tenant of the Year category!

Tpas are England’s leading tenant engagement experts; working nationally to recognise the partnership between housing providers and their tenants.

Carla, our Community and Tenant Support Manager, said,

“Well done Ken! We’re so grateful for everything you do for Belle Isle TMO and our tenants… you’ve helped bring better dementia services to Belle Isle by supporting the development of a weekly dementia cafe at the Parnaby Pub, as well as creating a brand new walking group that gets people active, and being our community and event reporter!

You always take the time to help us to improve our services. You’re none-stop! We really appreciate everything you do”.

… so keep your fingers crossed until Friday 7 April, when we’ll find out whether he’s won!

Dear Ken,

Congratulations on being shortlisted for the TPAS Tenant of the Year award!

I am really sorry I wasn’t able to make the announcement in BITMOs Gate today.

However I would like to invite you to attend BITMOs Committee meeting on Tuesday 28th February at 4pm. Before the meeting starts we will be taking the opportunity to celebrate your nomination with coffee and cakes and would also like to get some photos of you with Board members and staff.

I do hope you can make it and I also hope you are feeling very proud of what is a significant achievement.

Chris Simpson (ceo) Belle Isle TMO

Ken says.

Well you could have knocked down with a feather on Wednesday. Already been to one Dementia support group in Rothwell. I arrived at BITMOs GATE Ready for the Bitmo Gate Walk and Talk. Second volunteer group of the day.

I understood that Carla wanted to see me before walk, I thought this was to firm up plans for Wednesday Dementia Time For a Cuppa. No they tricked me in the most enjoyable way and said I had been shortlisted for a Tpas tenant award.

See more at

As you can see from above I go with Carla to Manchester Tpas see if I have been successful. Fingers crossed.

So thank you Carla and Chris.

After the walk, would normally do another one or two Memory cafes at Elland Road Police station and Parnaby Tavern. I was tired so gave them a miss, otherwise would have been four volunteer groups in one day.

I will be 68 next month and apart from my dodgy knee, show no signs of letting up on my volunteer work.

See you all Tuesday or Wednesday.



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