Keeping South Leeds Life alive

Funding for the publication of the South Leeds Life (SLL) magazine has come to and end. The last copy was recently delivered to venues in the Middleton and Beeston areas. Have you seen it? That is the question I am posing to you.

SLL Magazine Apr13I am a Middleton resident, I have lived here for many years. I like to know about things going on in Leeds particularly in Middleton, because I enjoy getting out and about. The SLL magazine has exactly the kind of information in it that I am looking for, yet I had no idea it existed until a copy came through my letter box one (probably snowy) morning. Unfortunately it was the penultimate edition. What a shame! This magazine has a lot to offer, not just as information about future events but as a celebration of community.

So my second question would be, would you like to see this magazine continue? Perhaps not in it’s present format as it is an expensive business to produce something so glossy and colourful (local sponsors needed) but a plainer yet still as useful community paper where you can find out what’s going on in the area, when and where it takes place etc. The advantages to a simpler, cheaper format would be that there could be a larger print run and it could reach more households (through the letterbox)!

That takes me back to my first question, Have you seen it? The obvious answer is that in order to read this article you must have seen this issue. But I suspect, like me, you have not seen every issue, perhaps you came upon this copy at the clinic or some other such public building. Maybe also like me, you thought, this is good, why haven’t I seen this before? How do I get a regular copy? Only to find that the funding was about to end and what was a really good idea was going to be filed in the same cabinet as all the other wonderful ideas that had time limited funding.

So, if you would like to see this publication continue in hard copy, SLL would welcome your ideas, as to how this might work. You may be a local business that would love to sponsor the publication or perhaps you have a fantastic idea that will keep this community magazine alive and kicking. Please get in touch and be proactive in helping our South Leeds community be informed and cohesive through South Leeds Life.


This article was written by Jane Haswell using our Community Reporters website