John Charles gym facilities set for upgrade

£117,198.41 has been approved to refurbish the gym area and buy new gym equipment at South Leeds Stadium, within the John Charles Centre for Sport.

The gym will have a new layout with new flooring, decorations and branding throughout to “improve the offer and experience for customers” according to a report published this week. Active Leeds aim to attract an additional 200 members a year to the gym.

The current equipment is 12 years old and “does not fit with current trends in the industry”. Leeds City Council has been replacing gym equipment at its centres across the city and John Charles is one of the last gyms to be upgraded.

Active Leeds lost 20% of members during the pandemic and although members are coming back, it remains 10% below pre-pandemic levels. The report states that the refurbishment is necessary to support membership growth.

Consultation will be undertaken with existing members about the equipment to be purchased and the layout.

The work is set to start in late April and take 3-4 weeks to complete. Members will be encouraged to use the gym facilities at Middleton Leisure Centre, which opened in September 2020, during the works.


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  1. I would like to state that some machines do not work which can lead to my workout routine to be all over the place (delayed) so can you get more machines make sure your customers are happy as they go in and surly they won’t a good workout . The second thing I would like to state is that the water fountain does not work which means some customers can be thirsty after a workout . As a person that has been going to this gym I would like to see improvement as I pay monthly and expect a good gym . Thank you .

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