Interview with Jess who is leaving The GATE

20150306_120332Interview with Jess. Project Development Officer. At BITMO GATE.

Thank you Jess for taking the time to speak to me, Kenneth Ingram , volunteer reporter for South Leeds Life blog and newspaper.

You seem to have been here a long time at BITMO GATE Jess, how long has it been? And have you enjoyed your work here, designing all those amazing posters and leaflets.

Been at Bitmo gate just over a year now. My second day was Pancake day, Carla had me making and eating pancakes which was a great way to start a new job.  I have done a lot of work designing leaflets and posters, recently I looked  back over my first ever poster – looking back it wasn’t great!

What qualifications’ did you get when leaving College or University?

20150306_120312I left university with a degree in Geography and Politics; quickly whilst studying I realised this wasn’t going to get me a job and so I completed an internship at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing which is where I became so interested in community space / housing.

Was the job of Project Development assistant Manager for Bitmo gate resource centre your 1st job, since leaving college/University?

My first job after leaving uni was as a research analyst; looking into the social impact of community activities and initiatives on service users. However when looking at these community spaces I thought I don’t want to be just completing research on these spaces I want to be working in them and so I was so excited when I saw the vacancy at BITMO.


What do think are your biggest achievements are since joining Bitmo gate?

I’d say my biggest achievement here would be making so many strong working relationships with people who come into the centre and staff. I will definitely miss so many people and will be visiting.

Your leaving party when Mexican food is been cooked. Are you doing the cooking?

I don’t want to poison anybody. Geoff who comes in here makes all the Curries. He is going to help make Mexican food.

JESSMexican food apart, what’s your favourite food and drink, mine’s Indian and real ale.

My favourite food is anchovies in vinegar.

My favourite drink is a Mojito,

Enjoy your tour around South America, please be careful and open a Facebook page to let everyone know on your travels what you’re up to.

I will be very safe and I will be visiting you all on my return.

Will you join Bitmo gate when you arrive back from your venture if offered your job back?

I’m not sure a job would be available. If there was a job available back in the GATE I would 100% look into it.

Quote: Kenneth Ingram. Thank you Jess, for letting me interview you today. You and Carla at THE GATE, have helped me with lots of information, and with all the courses I have joined. Will miss you when you leave.

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