Innovative Cockburn students win in technology tournament

Cockburn School was represented at the annual Rotary Leeds Schools Technology Tournament.

The teams were challenged to design and make a scaled working model of a flashing beacon that could be used in an emergency disaster zone.

The beacon was required to flash fifteen times. Students could use a very limited range of materials and tools within a set time to complete the challenge. Skills in structural, mechanical and electronic engineering were needed to complete this fascinating task.

Once again, the Cockburn students made good use of their time, working efficiently in teams and applying their engineering/technology problem solving skills to reach a working solution.

Although Cockburn didn’t win the event, the Year 8 team’s pendulum powered hammer action switch won the award for the most innovative idea.

Douglas Robinson and James Mounty came to South Leeds to present the award to Cockburn School’s ‘innovative’ Year 8 team.

The trophy will be on displayed on Cockburn’s ‘Corridor of Excellence’, in the Design and Technology section.

Congratulations to the team: Cameron Easton, Caitlin Hughes, Iona George and James McCarthy.