Register your Treasured Goods On Immobilise Web Site


Immobilise is a free property register enabling users to create a secure record of personal possessions such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras and various other items.

Protecting personal property is extremely important and registering it on Immobilise can assist in reuniting you with your possessions if stolen or in deterring an offender from stealing them in the first place.

Benefits of property registration on Immobilise include:

•It’s free of charge and very easy to create your personal portfolio on-line

•Almost any item of property can be registered within minutes

•You can add specific details relating to items of property – i.e. serial numbers, photographs or individual features

•If an item of your registered property is stolen you simply inform the Police and then log on to your account on Immobilise and update the status of the item

•The system is linked to the National Mobile Property Register, which enables the Police to enter serial numbers of stolen items that they have recovered against the property registered. This can then result in items of stolen property being returned to their rightful owner and offenders being brought to justice for their crimes

Using Immobilise and awareness stickers to inform people that your property has been registered on the system can assist in preventing and reducing crime, increasing an offender’s chance of being caught and protecting your property and the sentimental or important documents that are sometimes stored on electronic items.

Once you have opened a free account on Immobilise, it is important to keep it up to date, either in notifying the system that an item has been lost or stolen or in registering new items that you have purchased.

Click here to visit the Immobilise website

Please contact your local Crime Reduction Officer for any further advice on your security and protecting your personal possessions.


First Appeared on West Yorkshire Police Web, Facebook and Twitter sites.