Hunslet Warriors under 8s

The next entry for the St Luke’s CARES Community Awards is the Hunslet Warriors ARLFC under 8s team. For details of how YOUR community group can enter please click here. The deadline for entries is Wednesday 28 February 2018.

It’s 6pm on a Monday or Wednesday evening, the cones are out and the children are running around aimlessly! The coach calls them in and training begins.

They’re on their way to develop the art of rugby league but it doesn’t stop there – your child could develop social skills (on many levels), teamwork and discipline, but above all they’re not glued to a computer. The children are getting exercise, developing fitness and having great fun, since 2017 the Warriors have tried to ensure young people have a good start in life by using rugby to develop core life skills and provide an outlet for many types of mind-sets – from shy children who grow in confidence to energetic children who can burn energy and feel rewarded.

Young Warriors in action

With a little help and funding, we can offer team clothing for training and after matches on Sundays which makes children feel part of a team, but ultimately a family. It’s only with parents, coaches and volunteers giving up their free time that this is possible. We’re a self-sufficient team who rely on our own sponsored events, and applications for funding from local charities such as St Luke’s, to help provide kits, after match clothing and equipment. Funds raised go towards costs of balls etc and training volunteers in coaching skills and safeguarding courses to help keep our children safe.

Obviously massive amounts of hard work, behind the scenes makes this all possible – financially and physically. But, that aside, the real reward is providing a safe environment for children where they can immerse themselves in a sport that they grow to love. Myself, as coach, and other parents and volunteers are not looking for glory, recognition or financial reward; just a helping hand financially so that we can provide more opportunities for young people, from the age of 6-8 years upwards, to belong, regardless of race, gender or social standing.

Based in Hunslet we have children attending from local suburbs such as Middleton, Beeston, Wortley and surrounding areas. Some of our children are from low income families whose parents just want their children to achieve and have somewhere safe to play. To support these families, we have started a boot-swap scheme. As you know, little feet grow very quickly so when the children out-grow boots they can donate them to other families who can’t keep up with the cost of their child’s growing feet. We try to minimise costs as much as possible so children can participate without parents worrying about the financial implications of letting them play and participate in our club. In cold weather we join up with other teams to hire a hall – we couldn’t afford to do this alone as it costs £60 for just one hour. This is essential, in the winter months, to continue to give the children stability and keep them warm from the elements.

With your help, we can continue to provide these invaluable facilities and opportunities so that children in our community can continue to thrive and achieve their ultimate potential.

For more information contact Darrel Webster on 07510 781100.


This post was written by Darrel Webster using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.