Hunslet St Mary’s church to be demolished?

The Church of England have put plans in motion to demolish the modern section of St Mary’s Church in Hunslet.

The church closed in 2015 and the modern building, which dates from 1975 is understood to be structurally unsound.

However, the landmark clock tower and spire, which are Grade II listed, are sound and there are no plans to demolish them.

Members of the Church Commissioners’ and Church of England Diocesan staff will be available to answer questions, but not take feedback, about the proposals at an event on Friday 11 January at Hunslet St Mary’s Primary School between 3-7pm.

If you wish to comment on the proposals you must send your comment in writing, either by email to or by post to Representations, Closed Churches Division, Church Commissioners, Church House, Dean’s Yard, London, SW1P 3AZ.


Photo: Google Streetview

This post was amended on 8 January 2018 to clarify the nature of the event on 11 January.

4 Replies to “Hunslet St Mary’s church to be demolished?”

  1. Does this mean Hunslet will not have a church for the fist time in over 200 years shame on the CofE

  2. Can they? I remember when I was at school there the bit next to it had to have the road built round as its a ancient grave yard. That’s why it bends round

  3. I was born within 75 yards of the old church , was christened and married there also attended Hunslet nash school next to the church both now demolished such a pity

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