Holbeck Police Station is up for sale


Police station for saleIf you’ve ever wanted to own a Police station, now is your opportunity as Holbeck Police Station has been put on the market.

The building is 33,433 square feet and sits on a 2.1 acre site is being advertised as a refurbishment opportunity, but is more realistically likely to be redeveloped completely.  The will become vacant shortly when the new Police headquarters on Elland Road becomes operational from April 2014.

It is understood that no new owners have been identified to date.

Holbeck police stationHolbeck Police Station is located on Burton Road, just off Dewsbury Road in Beeston. At one stage there were thoughts to package the site with the Garnets, across Tunstall Road. That scheme was stopped by the financial crisis which brought much development activity to halt.

What would you like to see built on the site? A supermarket? A cinema? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3 Replies to “Holbeck Police Station is up for sale”

  1. …because we don’t have enough major supermarkets in South Leeds, do we…? On the other hand, we really don’t have enough social housing in Leeds, so perhaps houses would be useful?

  2. We don’t have a large Tescos lilybright. On the other hand we have more than our fair share of social housing, so perhaps some nice new expensive private housing would be useful, or a new Churchill’s?

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