Holbeck Moor’s missing water fountain

fountainI came across an earlier article you did about the missing drinking fountain on Holbeck Moor.
A photo has turned up in the Secret Leeds Facebook group.
The photo hasn’t any text with it. But the person who has posted it goes on to say

“I’ve come across this photo of an ornate clock with drinking fountain, no date, description or place name.
I can’t find it on leodis, it’s with a bunch of photo’s from Beeston, Hunslet and Holbeck so that possibly narrows it down.
Any Ideas?”

I think it’s a good bet it could be the missing fountain of Holbeck Moor. Does anybody recognise it?


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  1. Nice pic. Almost certainly of the 1880 Drinking Fountain on Hunslet Moor (Leodis http://www.leodis.net has a pic of this). It was supplied by George Smith &amp Co of the Sun Foundry, Glasgow and survived until c1955. Other examples of this pattern were erected in Glasgow and on Woodhouse Moor, Leeds (also on leodis). The only known survivor is in Bassetiere in St Kitts in the West Indies – Google it to see pics.

    The drinking fountain at Holbeck is recorded to have been a No 8 Drinking Fountain with Canopy, as was that at Cross Flatts, supplied by Walter Macfarlane &amp Co of the Saracen Foundry, Glasgow. They did produce a larger version, but this was not one of them.

    Regards John P Bolton SIF

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